[Linaro-dev] Rebuild of Ubuntu main with initial gcc-4.4 Linaro patch

Loïc Minier loic.minier at linaro.org
Wed Jun 30 17:55:21 BST 2010


 Wanted to share that Matthias Klose launched a rebuild of Ubuntu main
 packages on i386 and amd64 with gcc-4.4 + first Linaro diff which we
 had sent him.

 All build failures:

 What needs to happen is reviewing the failures to see whether they are
 regressions caused by the Linaro diff.  One way to do that is to
 compare with:
 which has failures from a recent rebuilds of Ubuntu (compare the
 version number as well!).

 Steve Langasek told me the Foundations team might be able to help sort
 these into toolchain and non-toolchain bugs.

 For each build failure:
   Check whether it's a regression with the same source + version

   If it's a regression:
     If it's a toolchain bug:
       file a bug against gcc-linaro
       file a bug against the Ubuntu package, tag it gcc-linaro
       decide whether it's worth filing a bug against the Ubuntu package

Loïc Minier

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