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Thu Jun 3 13:25:02 BST 2010

is mapped into GPMC space (by setting GPMC_CONFIG7_i
appropriately) then reads and writes to any address in the mapped
region behave like accesses to GPMC_NAND_DATA_i. I have a patch
which implements this mapping for NAND devices; however this
causes a conflict about what should be mapped at address zero on
startup, because:

(a) at reset GPMC_CONFIG7_i is 0xf40 for CS0 and 0xf00 for CS1..7,
which maps CS0 to address 0. (On the Beagle board this is NAND.)
(b) qemu also wants to map the boot ROM in at address 0

The TRM isn't terribly clear (to me :-)) about what happens at address
zero on startup (it talks about a "1MB boot space" but doesn't say what
this is or what address it is at or when it stops being in effect...)

It's also possible that qemu is wrong about mapping boot rom related
things at address zero; we are emulating much of what the hardware's
boot ROM does rather than actually executing it. However I would expect
that there ought to be some real RAM/ROM there for the reset/exception
vectors if nothing else...

So can anybody tell me what happens on real hardware?

Thanks in advance
-- Peter Maydell

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