Linaro 10.11 Release Candidate available

Jamie Bennett jamie.bennett at
Mon Nov 1 16:42:43 UTC 2010


We are nearly there! In 9 days the 10.11 Final image will be released 
to the world and in preparation for this the Release Candidate image is 
now available. Please download and test as much as possible to ensure
the final release is of the highest quality.

This milestone release is the first to utilise the new build process of
separate hardware packs and generic images. To build a complete image 
one hardware pack and one generic image is combined with the 
linaro-media-create tool. Please take the time to read the installation
instructions for more information:

More Information on this development release as well as download and
installation instructions can be found at:

More information on Linaro in general and the 10.11 plans can be
found at:

 * Homepage:
 * Wiki:
 * 10.11:

Also subscribe to the important Linaro mailing lists and join our IRC
channels to stay on top of Linaro developments:

 * Announcements:
 * Development:
 * IRC: 
    #linaro on

For any errata issues please see:

Bug reports for this release should be filed in Launchpad against the 
individual packages that are affected, if a suitable package cannot be 
identified, feel free to assign them to:

Linaro Release Manager

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