Linaro Infrastructure Team Weekly Report (2010-10-21 to 2010-11-04)

Ian Smith ian.smith at
Thu Nov 4 15:32:46 UTC 2010


The "weekly" report for the Linaro Infrastructure team covers the past two weeks due to UDS last week, and the report may be found at:-
Status report:
Burndown chart:

The Infrastructure related blueprints, of which currently there are 4 active ones (4 from the last report), are showing that there are 11 work items in progress (11 last report), and 12 work items to undertake (12 last report). 

arm-m-validation-dashboard;        0 work items completed since last report; 2 in progress;    8 to do
arm-m-image-building-console;      0 work items completed since last report; 7 in progress;    3 to do 
arm-m-automated-testing-framework;  no change in status from last report; 1 in progress;    0 to do
arm-m-testsuites-and-profilers;    no change in status from last report; 1 in progress;    1 to do

In arm-m-image-building-console, 6 items are awaiting review before they can be completed.

UDS preparations occupied the time leading up to UDS for all team members. Subsequent to UDS, the focus has been on preparing Blueprints for the next cycle.

Specifics accomplished this week include:-

    * Preparing for, and holding the Infrastructure Stakeholder meeting
    * Drafting Blueprints for the next cycle
    * Got QEMU working with current images

Please let me know if you have any comments or questions.

Kind Regards,


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