Call for testing: Linaro 10.11 FINAL

john stultz johnstul at
Wed Nov 10 02:07:28 UTC 2010

On Tue, 2010-11-09 at 19:16 -0600, Paul Larson wrote:
> The size correction in lmc happens at the end, so my best guess is
> that it's a qemu issue.  Id put a bug in against that, and we should
> probably release note it as well.

I've updated the wiki guide to include the --hwpack option and avoid the
problematic 4G image size (using 2G instead). 

I'll go ahead and file the bug as well. I'm still suspicious that its
really a linaro-media-create issue, as the qemu-maemo package is from
9/21 and I can't get image packages that had worked in the past to work
now. So I believe the only thing that has changed is the
linaro-media-create tools.


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