Common ARM context save/restore code

Vishwanath Sripathy vishwanath.sripathy at
Thu Oct 7 05:30:55 UTC 2010

Hi All,

Purpose of this email is to debate on the pros and cons of having a common
ARM context save/restore code.
Currently each SOC has its own way of saving/restoring ARM registers and
there has been a proposal to have a common code for the same instead of
duplicating the same in different places.
Though it is technically possible to save/restore common ARM registers in a
common place, there are some constraints.
1. Each of the SOC would have it's own set of trustzone implementation which
means these registers have to be saved/restored in SOC specific code.
2. Some of the ARM registers (Aux ctrl etc) can be different for different
SOCs which means they cannot be handled in common code.
So it means that, in the middle of common code, there needs to be many
platform specific hooks so that right sequence is followed. This will make
the code more unredeable and difficult to debug and maintain.

Also I am just wondering is there any other ARM SOC apart from OMAP, which
saves/restores ARM registers in SW? Atleast I could not find such code in

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