[PATCH] cpufreq for freescale mx51

Yong Shen yong.shen at linaro.org
Thu Oct 7 11:33:35 UTC 2010

> >  # Object file lists.
> > -obj-y   := cpu.o mm.o clock-mx51.o devices.o
> > +obj-y   := cpu.o mm.o clock-mx51.o devices.o cpu_wp-mx51.o
> By hardcoding cpu_wp-mx51 here, you are making the assumption that even if
> cpufreq is turned off, you'll still need the entire WP table to set the
> cpu frequency. Why can't this be handled transparently in the clock code?
> If
> the clock code does the calculations, every board doesn't need to first
> setup
> calls to get_cpu_wp.
It has history. Not only cpufreq needs this  table, other freescale drivers
also need it, like dvfs and busfreq drivers. So it is better to be there. I
do agree clock should do its calculation by itself.
Agree about the rest.
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