Common ARM context save/restore code

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Mon Oct 18 07:08:48 UTC 2010

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> Hi,
> Thanks for the response.
> > The pre-defined locations are needed because not every registers needs
> to
> > be saved. For example in GIC, pending. Clear, Set sets of register are
> > pretty much same with inverted logic and can be easily decoded without
> > saving all of them but just one type of it. Hence the Save layout
> Interesting. Why the optimization though - is the intent to save time or
> context space? Every cycle may count, but our investigations lead us to
> believe that the time for any shutdown is dominated by cache (L1) clean
> times.
Space as well as time. Space is more important factor.

> > Hence the Save layout
> > is not linear on OMAP4 and restore is handled in by Secure CODE which
> > is fixed for a SOC
> Fair enough, but this is an OMAP4 implementation choice, not a general
> statement about SoCs. (Correct me if I'm wrong.)
Yes. But other SOCs can implement such model as well.

> > Yes... Again I am not saying that you can't have generic code
> > doing that.It's doable but it will end up with some SOC specific
> execeptions.
> Understood.

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