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Tue Oct 19 17:14:21 UTC 2010

On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 11:59 AM, Steve Langasek
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> Hi Xianghua,
> On Tue, Oct 19, 2010 at 11:24:16AM -0500, Xianghua Xiao wrote:
>> I'm new here and have a dumb question:
>> why is linaro using bzr while nearly the whole linux-related projects
>> are either using or switching to git?
> This is a frequently repeated idea, but I think it's an exaggeration.  It's
> true that git is popular, but both CVS and subversion are still widely used
> for many projects, and both bzr and mercurial are continuing to grow in use.
> Proponents of git tend to repeat this idea that "everyone will soon be using
> git".  Many of these proponents are kernel developers; from their
> perspective, it often seems that everyone is *already* using git.  :)
> And unfortunately there isn't much survey data to tell us what the real
> market share (or mind share) of the different VCSes is; but at least one
> attempt at finding data shows that bzr usage is growing much faster than git
> usage:
> Now, to answer your real question. :)  Linaro uses bzr in large part because
> Linaro uses Launchpad, and Launchpad integrates with bzr (and it does not
> integrate with git).  Some of us on the Linaro team also have a personal
> preference for bzr, so this works out nicely for us - but it's not something
> that we're religious about.  For collaborating with certain upstream
> projects, such as the kernel and u-boot, it's clear that using git is the
> appropriate choice; that's why we have  For new work in
> Linaro, such as our platform and infrastructure tools, bzr is the better
> choice because of the integration with Launchpad.
> Cheers,
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Thanks for the reply.
I do think git is outreaching to non-kernel-uboot world, in that
meego, openembedded,android,etc,etc are all using git for a large
number of packages.
Anyway guess I will learn yet another SCM tool.


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