Restricting architectures

Dave Martin dave.martin at
Fri Sep 3 10:33:50 BST 2010


>  Things I can think of, but I don't know how important they are:
>  - being able to easily change the default toolchain build flags (how do
>   you get the toolchain?  which flags do you use?)
>  - being able to easily drop patches into the toolchain (how do you get
>   the toolchain?  which kind of patches?)
>  - being able to roll your own toolchain packages from another toolchain
>   tree
>  - providing RPM packages for native and cross toolchains
>  - providing tarball "packages" with "standalone" linux binaries,
>   similar to CS toolchain downloads

I think multilib support (or something which achieves the same result
like a suitable specs file) needs to be added here.

The v7 libgcc in the linaro toolchain won't work for embedded
developers with pre-v7 hardware, for example.


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