putting together a training based on linaro

Robert Berger gmane at reliableembeddedsystems.com
Thu Sep 16 06:49:02 BST 2010


I'm trying to put together an "introduction to Linux" training based on
Linaro and BeagleBoard/BeagleBoard-xM(as it becomes available) and want
to launch it in Feb/March 2011.

The hardware choice is due to the low price and because it's cool.

The distro choice it because I think that's the way to go for
contemporary ARM processors.

Your opinions might be biased, but what do you think about my choices?
Any suggestions?

Is linaro stable enough for it?

I'm playing around with https://wiki.linaro.org/Source/ImageInstallation
and daily snapshots.

Which git trees should be used to build from source

What's the preferred way to build/install additional packages?

Are there trees which utilize the multimedia features a bit more than
the headless stuff? (audio,video,...)



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