Toolchain WG helper programs

James Westby james.westby at
Wed Sep 22 15:43:52 BST 2010

On Wed, 22 Sep 2010 16:23:26 +1200, Michael Hope <michael.hope at> wrote:
> We've got a few little helper programs that are used in the Toolchain
> WG to help things run smoothly.  I've done a short write up on them
> here:
> Ulrich, this is the build system I mentioned on the call.
> Scott/James/Mounir, it's not great, but this gives you an idea of the
> tools I'd like to hand over.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for writing this up.

My initial snap assesment is:

  Continuous Build - should be merged with the Hudson infrastructure
  Loïc has been working on for the kernel. I don't think your
  requirements in this area will be too different?

  Branch Puller - may be useful as part of the above

  Build Log - should be something that Hudson provides, but my guess is
  that it doesn't have all the features that you have, so you may want
  to have custom reporting.

  Tickets - Ideally should be in Launchpad, but I don't think it's
  currently planned work, so I can see this living on for a while.

  Benchmarks Report and Test Result Comparison - should be provided by
  launch-control, and I believe you have been talking to Zygmunt about
  your requirements there?

  Patch Tracker - this functionality is needed by other teams too, and
  we don't have anything else providing it right now.

Basically everything here are things that are in the area of the
Infrastructure team, so we should look at transfering/merging these
projects as appropriate.



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