ST-Ericsson ux500 BSP contents

Linus Walleij linus.walleij at
Tue Sep 28 10:29:46 BST 2010

2010/9/24 Arnd Bergmann <arnd at>:

> I finally got to this and wrote up a summary of the contents of the ST-E BSP
> that we are mirroring on the Linaro git server:
> I did not write up my recommendations of how to proceed, but it should give
> an idea of the work in front of us/them.

Thanks Arnd, we're reading it now...

> Linus, if you see any significant omissions or mistakes, please correct me.

None that you could know about. Anyway, here is an insiders'

- Our internal codebase is now already revamped a few times. It is
  looking better now, we only need to push it out. (And a
  process for keeping the trees in sync.)

Good news:

- Controversial STM DMA engine is rewritten, merged
  and already hardened a few times in the mainline code with a
  third round of fixups queued in -next for 2.6.37 in the async_tx
  tree. (drivers/dma/ste_dma40.c).

  The new STEDMA40 DMA driver (merged since 2.6.35) has been
  brough back internally as well and the old STM DMA driver
  is deleted.

- CG2900 combochip core and drivers are rewritten extensively and
  sent for review on LKML this friday (and will need more reviews
  and iterations, but the process is started).

- The new AB8500 MFD driver from the mainline kernel has been
  merged back internally and is now in sync.

- The mmc-u8500.c MMC driver is not OK actually, it is duplicating
  functionality in mmci.c so we have been patching mmci.c so as
  to arrive on a single driver to be shared by all PL180 derivates.

- The CAIF stuff is nowadays all upstream and we have just had a
  cleanout round syncing the internal tree to use the mainline code
  internally as well.

- U5500-specific modem communication and mailboxes have
  been submitted to the ARM ML and Russells patch trackers
  last week.

- Phonet extensions are submitted to Davice Miller and getting
  merged as we speak. (Actual shared mem and mailboxes backing
  Phonet in U8500 is still to be prepared but need the Phonet
  changes to be available first.)

- The MCDE display driver is soon ripe for public review.

Special cases:

- The hwmem driver is our way of getting rid of pmem dependencies
  so we can atleast live without Android patches.
  IMO it is to be an intermediate step as we move toward a unified CMA
  (contiguous memory allocator) but we'll see how this develops.

- b2r2 (dubbed "scary" :-) is really unlike any other hardware found
  in the drivers/video/* hierarchy, and we'll likely need the advice of
  video4linux developers on how to proceed on it, so we hope to mail
  this off for review soon enough. However to proceed I believe
  this driver needs the MCDE display driver to be submitted first
  (Gantt-type dependency). So we are working on getting that one
  out for review first and foremost.

Do you want me to update the Wikipage with this or is the review
a static piece or to be "owned" by the reviewer?

Linus Walleij

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