Trying out our Panda builds and phone images

Zach Pfeffer zach.pfeffer at
Tue Aug 16 19:11:34 UTC 2011

To try out a build on Panda do:

wget --no-check-certificate
wget --no-check-certificate
wget --no-check-certificate
bzr branch lp:linaro-image-tools
./linaro-image-tools/linaro-android-media-create --mmc /dev/sdc --dev
panda --system system.tar.bz2 --userdata userdata.tar.bz2 --boot

To build see:

As far as Linaro Nexus builds. We can help out, but we'll need to come
up with a plan to staff it. I'll let Kiko and asac chime in on Linaro
doing Nexus S, Nexus One, or Xoom builds.

As far as oprofile, systemtap and perf we've had a few asks already about this.

It'd also be great to get firefox integrated into our builds.

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