Update on Gerrit deployment

Paul Sokolovsky paul.sokolovsky at linaro.org
Sat Aug 27 10:51:54 UTC 2011

Hello Zach,

On Thu, 25 Aug 2011 18:12:01 -0500
Zach Pfeffer <zach.pfeffer at linaro.org> wrote:

> > I also updated Linaro Gerrit howto:
> > https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/Android/Gerrit , which now should
> > have all info to have one started quickly with Gerrit, and cover
> > all aspects of Gerrit setup (like upstream mirroring and permission
> > settings). I'd appreciate review of that and letting me know if
> > something is missing there.
> This looks really good. Please share this with the repo mailing list.
> Your great work has really helped other people trying to set up their
> own Gerrit instances.

I did so per your previous request, during LC.

> > Finally few points we can continue with to elaborate our usage of
> > Gerrit:
> >
> > 1. Set up branch policy (naming, etc.) and enforce it on Gerrit
> > level. This may require revamping branching in other toolchain/*
> > components (upstreamed not from AOSP), but in the end we'll get
> > really robust development setup.
> Agreed. One big thing that we need to work on is how we're going to
> handle kernel upgrades - I think some special branch-naming may be
> part of this solution.
> > 2. Turn off review bypass option which was available during
> > transition process. I guess Android team if comfortable by now with
> > new process (there're more than 80 patches passed thru review by
> > now!), so once 11.08 release is out, it would be good time to do
> > that.
> +1 for most. I think the only thing we have to watch out for is kernel
> maintainers needing to push big updates out-of-band.

Whenever I talk about Gerrit workflow, I mean "Gerrit workflow for
Android platform components, skipping kernels" ;-). There would be
apparently 2 different workflows, and we need to settled main Android
workflow and let kernel guys try and use Gerrit and see what's
comfortable for them (starting with complete git access). We already
have beginning of such setup, with John being in "Kernel Hackers"
group, which allows rebases and upstream pulling for

Best Regards,

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