Monthly component release candidate dates

Jamie Bennett jamie.bennett at
Tue Mar 1 15:49:33 UTC 2011


Throughout Linaro we are looking at ways to better coordinate the
deliverables that come from Linaro's Working Groups and Platform teams. 
The idea of Monthly Component releases, a fixed date in the month where 
each team would release their latest work fits well with what we do and
to that end a wiki page proposing the exact dates has been produced at:

You will notice that the dates are fixed, always the third Thursday in
the month promoting a unified consistency across the teams. Please note
that the Linaro Ubuntu Evaluation Builds do not follow this schedule
and will continue to be closely coupled with the Ubuntu schedule. 

Please take a look at the dates and highlight any problems that could
arise from them. If there is positive feedback we can make these dates
'official' very soon meaning teams could start using this format next

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