Linking from the Linaro website

Dave Martin dave.martin at
Thu Mar 3 15:15:32 UTC 2011

Hi all,

In connection with the recent discussion with the tools guys about how
to document the availability of binary toolchains, I wonder whether really links to the best pages on launchpad, the wiki

Keeping these in sync and coherently structured is a maintenance
requirement, and we can't expect to eliminate that.

But I'm wondering whether we have some way to track:

a) HTTP requests with no Referrer
b) Pages reached directly from Google or some other search facility
(such as the wiki or launchpad search)

Pages reached in these ways indicate where developers are using a
shortcut and visiting pages directly (I know I do this) or where the
page is at least sufficiently hard to find that Google or the wiki
search is more efficient (I know I do this too).  If we could come up
with a list of such pages and frequency of visits, this might give us
some interesting information about what we really should be linking to
from the main website.  It might also help to flag up drift, where
activity hotspots move away from the pages accessible from the website
over time.


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