[PATCH 06/12] Initial omap3 Kconfig fragment

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Wed Mar 9 08:48:55 UTC 2011

On Wednesday 09 March 2011 03:32:40 John Stultz wrote:
> +
> +
> +source "Kconfig.distro"
> +

I think we want something more flexible than sourcing
a global Kconfig.distro from the board file.

First of all, we want at least three levels, as Amit
mentioned: distro, arch, board. I can think of at least
another one: "flavor" for common variants of the distro
config, e.g. if you want to enable a lot of debugging
options or turn your root file systems into =y so you
can work without initramfs.

Would it be possible to pass multiple Kconfig fragments
to the Kconfig parser instead of just one top-level
file that sources all the other ones?


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