Cross toolchain source packages status

Marcin Juszkiewicz marcin.juszkiewicz at
Thu Mar 10 10:21:30 UTC 2011

Ubuntu/natty got some cross toolchain updates recently so it is
installable again. This gave me some free time to work on improvements.
And this mail is an attempt to summary it and to provide some

= Introduction =

During Emdebian sprint it was decided that my source packages will be
used in Debian to provide cross toolchains for users in archive itself
(as now Emdebian team autobuilds them into separate archive). We created
crosstoolchain project [1] at Alioth and plan to keep Debian branches in repository [2].

= Existing branches =

Speaking of branches - there are several ones in my git repository [3]
and some of them are also present as Bazaar branches on Launchpad. This
list follows:


Those ones can be used to provide cross toolchain for Debian. First one
is really ugly as for now it contains a copy of eglibc and linux-2.6
packaging. I have to report few patches [4][5][6] for both components to
get this situation sorted. GCC ones do not have any such problems.


Those ones will be soon sent for review/merge/upload into Ubuntu.


Superseeded by gdb-multiarch package - gdb 7.2-1ubuntu8 or newer


Those branches are used to generate packages in Linaro toolchain
backport PPA [7]. "/patches" branch keeps all patches which I use to
alter components.

= Status =

During sprint I merged 3 branches of armel-cross-toolchain-base into one
set of rules so today there are not differences between Ubuntu ones and
Debian one contains extra debian/packaging directory with copies of
eglibc/debian and linux-2.6/debian dirs. Generation of debian/control
file is now inside of debian/rules so differences in build dependencies
are handled. Switch between Ubuntu and Debian is sorted by using
"lsb_release" (idea taken from gcc-4.5) and PPA build can be enabled by
"touch debian/ppa". 

= Ideas =

There was idea to generate just one source package from this (so it
would be debian/experimental/armel-cross-toolchain-base branch) and
generate all versions from it. I think that this will work but first we
need to get Debian version into state which will be acceptable for
inclusion into archive.

= Problems =

Main problem is debian/packaging/ directory in Debian version. I need
review of [4] patch and then will report a bug against eglibc.

= Multiarch versions (future) =

When cross build dependencies will be working then we will get rid of
armel-cross-toolchain-base package and replace it with
binutils-armel-cross (or extend binutils-multiarch to contain "as" and
rest of missing binaries).

6. (merged into one)

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