Making linaro-nano smaller or Give Up Disk Space for Lent

Guillaume Leteller guillaume.letellier at
Thu Mar 10 14:59:27 UTC 2011


> In the developer platforms team we're working on getting the
> linaro-nano image so that it is considerably smaller.


> Some highlights to nano:
>    * The linaro-image boots just as our linaro-headless image did
> (upstart and friends)
>    * it can be updated, or additional pkgs installed via apt-get
>    * networking works
>    * busybox is in use tho not necessarily universally
>    * ureadahead, python, have been removed
>    * docs have been removed
>    * linux-firmware has been removed (binary kernel firmware blobs)
>    * locales is remove
> Installed image is 125 Megs. (Down from 290 Meg) We're on the cusp of
> being able to fit into 128 megs of flash.

Isn't it quite big for a "Nano" image? It looks like a size for a
'developer' version.
Do we know why it's so big? 
In comparison, ARM developed AEL/ALIP
( and we were
hoping to use Linaro's Nano image from now on. 
The size of the AEL/ALIP minimal version (busybox, ssh) was only 25MB
(compressed - Cramfs). And the version with X11 and a desktop was 55MB.
Those images are useful for development boards with 64MB of flash or when
using CPU models.

> > 3) linaro-media-create should have some kind of option (--nano) to
> > clear out apt caches (saves ~40 meg of space)
> If you want this it should be an easy change to make.

This looks good if it's an easy change.

Does it address the problem with Modules and firmware?
Is it possible to get an image without Hwpacks?



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