Notes & Actions: Linaro Graphics Working Group - Mar 02, 2011 and Mar 09, 2011

Alexandros Frantzis alexandros.frantzis at
Sat Mar 12 11:07:06 UTC 2011


notes and actions from our Wednesday graphics working group call are
available on the wiki:


Details about when and where of this meeting can be found here:


=== 2011-03-02 ===
 * KDE/kwin
  * Patch "Integrate patch for gles and glsl-es version detection" pushed to upstream.
  * Patch "Add GLES2 support to kcm_opengl" accepted by upstream.
  * Patch "remove direct GL dependency in libplasma" accepted by upstream.
 * cairo-gles2
  * GL_CLAMP_TO_BORDER and 1D texture solutions now passing test suite (patch to be submitted this week).
  * Simple examples now able to run through cairo-gles in development tree (some changes not submission ready yet).
 * glcompbench: new enhancements made to facilitate test iteration and test framework integration.
 * DRI/Mali: git repositories setup for Xorg driver and kernel modules (kernel tree based to linux-linaro-2.6.38).

=== 2011-03-09 ===
 * cairo-gles2
  * GLES2 backend is officially working!!!
   * Testing in ARM targets is ongoing.
   * Once accepted upstream it will be made available in a PPA.
  * Patchset "Add GLESv2 support to the GL backend" sent upstream for review
   * First round of reviews done and proposed changes have been implemented
 * Benchmarks
  * Updates to glmark2 and glcompbench based upon latest Efika images.
 * GLEW GLES2 work underway.
 * Working on list of topics for 11.11



 - Alexandros

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