LAVA integration effort for Android validation

Paul Larson paul.larson at
Tue Mar 15 16:17:14 UTC 2011

> I like statically IP. How do we know which board would get which IP?
> One idea would be to set up a DNS for internal board names. e.g.
> would resolve to our preallocated static IP
> for board "panda01".
> This could then be used by the dispatcher to resolve the IP and pass
> it to the board through kernel cmdline.
> I hadn't really thought of passing it via cmdline.  If we need to bring it
up statically, we could possibly do that, or possibly just make the
necessary adjustments before booting the image.  What I was proposing, if
the image is already set up to dhcp by default, we could run a dhcp server
on the control node with the static ip assignments already in place for each
board. That way they always get the same address that we pre-allocated for
that board.  We'll also need to make sure that the control node has a valid
ip on both the internal and the external network.

Paul Larson
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