[REPORT] 2011-03-17 Validation team weekly report

Jamie Bennett jamie.bennett at linaro.org
Fri Mar 18 15:31:54 UTC 2011


The Validation team weekly report for 2011-03-17 is now available and
can be found at:


The report is also reproduced in full below.

Linaro Release Manager   |   Platform Project Manager 

 * Period: (20110310-20110316)
 * PM: JamieBennett <jamie.bennett at linaro.org>
 * Past reports : https://wiki.linaro.org/Platform/Validation/Status
 * Burndown information : http://status.linaro.org/linaro-validation.html

== Key Points for wider discussion ==
 * Please take a look at http://validation.linaro.org/launch-control/
   and give feedback.

== Team Highlights ==
 * launch-control 0.3 release candidate 3 was deployed on
   validation.linaro.org (http://validation.linaro.org/launch-control/).
 * QEMU continuous integration testing now boots some known-good test
   images every time there is a commit and a new build of QEMU in Jenkins.
 * Initial work on power management tests in abrek has begun. More
   discussions about next steps for those tests is underway.
 * Investigations into how to build and test android images in the
   validation farm are underway. Some modification of the master image is
   needed but the partitioning layout for Android is causing problems.

== Upcoming Deliverables ==
 * dashboard.linaro.org upgrade to 0.3.

== Risks / Issues ==
 * '''HIGH IMPACT''': The validation scheduler Blueprint continues to
   lag behind with 37 work items to complete (none completed so far) -
   https://launchpad.net/lava/+spec/linaro-n-validation-scheduler (several
   weeks). Discussions are on going to find a way to unblock this project.

== Miscellaneous ==
 * None.

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