[REPORT] 2011-03-17 Engineering Resources team weekly report

Matt Waddel matt.waddel at canonical.com
Mon Mar 21 16:06:38 UTC 2011

Hello Everybody,

The Engineering Resources team weekly report for 2011-3-17 can be
found at:


Highlights below.

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=== Action Items from This Meeting ===
 * Improve the Linaro planning structure guides. ie:
  * engineering BP versus TR BP, when to write a spec
  * what's a good quality BP
 * Linaro at UDS introduction for new employees
  * what are sessions supposed to be about? you need to know what
    you are going to do *before* you show up. but not too far.
  * what to expect at the summit
 * Firewall issues. Use VM's to hack around some of the issues
 * IRC setup help

=== Action Items from Last Meeting ===
 * Action items from last meeting with tech leads
  * AddNewHardware and HardwarePack pages need to explain kernel
    packages as Steve noted
  * HardwarePacks page refers to Maverick in stead of Natty - Done
  * Mentoring section needs to be renamed and back links should be
    fixed - Done
  * A better header for wiki that includes things like a "Resources"
    link in banner/header - Done
  * Toolchain documentation improvements

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