Yet another memory provider: can linaro organize a meeting?

Hans Verkuil hverkuil at
Mon Mar 21 18:03:38 UTC 2011

On Wednesday, March 16, 2011 09:14:54 Kyungmin Park wrote:
> Rough schedules.
> 1. Warsaw meetings (3/16~3/18): mostly v4l2 person and some SoC vendors
>   Make a consensence at media developers. and share the information.
>   Please note that it's v4l2 brainstorming meeting. so memory
> management is not the main issue.

I have asked all participants to the meeting to try and assemble requirements
for their hardware in the next week.

> 2. ELC (4/11~4/13): DRM, DRI and v4l2 person.
>   Discuss GEM/TTM is acceptable for non-X86 system and find out the
> which modules are acceptable.
>   We studied the GEM for our environment. but it's too huge and not
> much benefit for us since current frameworks are enough.
>   The missing is that no generic memory passing mechanism. We need the
> generic memory passing interface. that's all.

Who will be there? Is there a BoF or something similar organized?

> 3. Linaro (5/9~5/13): ARM, SoC vendors and v4l2 persons.
>   I hope several person are anticipated and made a small step for final goal.

I should be able to join, at least for the part related to buffer pools and
related topics.



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