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Wed Nov 23 06:46:32 UTC 2011

Hi -

Thanks to the work of Angus and Tushar a second Landing Team has 
established a tracking tree, for Samsung Origen.  They're using the same 
lt-tools management scripts I use to handle the various trees in TI 
Landing Team.

As I mentioned in the talk I gave at Connect about lt-tools, the fact 
that we're both tracking near Linus HEAD allows us to casually combine 
the trees for the first time if we can arrange for our basis to be 
relatively close.

Today with the help of Angus and Tushar I gave that a try and -->;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/linaro-unified-tracking

this single tree builds current Landing Team tracking for both Panda 
(omap4_defconfig) and Origen (origen_defconfig), we confirmed the 
results work as expected.  Its common basis is Linus HEAD from yesterday.

Actually, the two trees did not tread on each others' toes at all, the 
rebase proceeded with zero conflicts.  Angus mentioned that there are 
still some topics to come on his side; maybe they can create conflicts 
in the future.  Panda tracking got battered by upstream stuff post-3.1 
we're still working to clear but it's still workable for this test 
purpose anyway since it includes all the code footprint.

So we should be able to make ongoing combined tracking releases, and if 
that continues to work smoothly it will naturally lead to a combined 3.2 
release tree.  Since we'll both be using the same 
linaro-androidization-tracking on these trees to create Android kernels, 
a single unified Android kernel should be possible to generate 
automatically from the unified vanilla one and I'll look at starting 
that after Panda tracking is in better shape.


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