[ACTIVITY] Graphics weekly status report - wk46-47 (20111114-20111125)

Ilias Biris ilias.biris at linaro.org
Mon Nov 28 10:36:54 UTC 2011

Status report in detail - contains the delivered content for 11.11 and
the plans for 11.12 as of now:


Last weekly meeting notes:

 - Based on the meeting last week with DX side: no changed lately on
NUX. openGLES code has been merged, and believed to be functional and
working. At the moment doing more testing on NUX. There is a shift in DX
to accept branches after more testing, much of which is automated.

   + In the future there is more need for testing for functional
verification and also regression testing
   + Specification related to the tests was requested from DX. Note that
the tests for the graphics stack have not been decided yet.
   + For the Linaro side what is important is that DX team want to have
a test for every major feature/release related to openGLES. New features
should be accompanied by test code, covering the functionality as we
well as regression cases.
   + Admittedly there is still a definition pending on DX side about
what coverage to provide, not every submission will need a new test
necessarily. This is still being decided at the DX team level, and they
will communicate with Linaro on the process (still undefined on wk47)
     o This delay in communicating the test specification can
potentially cause delays on Graphics WG

- Daily benchmarks running on LAVA:

   + Dealing with some final issues: Having some boot issues, probably
kernel related, which will need to be cleared this week

- Starting in 11.12 to analyse the power management work for Graphics
- Moved all Launchpad projects for Graphics WG to use trunk as their
active series of development

Any questions or clarification needed? Please let me know.
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