[ACTIVITY] Multimedia WG weekly status report - wk46-47.2011 (20111114-20111125)

Ilias Biris ilias.biris at linaro.org
Mon Nov 28 13:18:20 UTC 2011

Status with details on both the delivered content for 11.11 and the
plans for 11.12:

Last weekly meeting minutes:

- Codecs
   + Created a wiki page to collect the status of NEON optimisation of
different codecs:
Feedback is welcome as well as adding your favourite libraries!

- For LJT:
   + scoped out use across main, universe and multiverse of libjpeg62,
libjpeg8 and -dev
   + ppa tom-gall/libjpeg-turbo updated with libjpeg8 compat version of
   + all packages that use libjpeg-dev pushed to ppa (31 pending builds
yet, 89 successful 0 failures)

  + Completed the xf86nouveau development of dri2video support.
  + Setup CI build to test CMA on snowball:
  + Reworked debugfs and trace patches for CMA v17

Comments, clarifications needed? Please let me know!

Best regards,
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