Libjpeg-turbo rebuild status

Tom Gall tom.gall at
Mon Nov 28 19:55:10 UTC 2011

Hi Matthias,

Over the Thanksgiving holiday the compile-o-rama complete for all the
packages from the main and universe archives that had deps on
libjpeg-dev. The results of the build can be found in my libjpeg-turbo

In summary, 114 packages were rebuilt against the libjpeg-turbo's
version of -dev.

One package vtk resulted in the only 2 failures that have been
experienced. One failure on x86, and one on x86_64. Both failures were
caused not by problems with libjpeg-turbo but rather with poor build
time deps specified in the package. This can be witnessed in the logs:

I have also updated the raw performance numbers for libjpeg-turbo in
our wiki. (I haven't updated the graphs yet)

All raw performance numbers are now from oneiric. I've also included
numbers from a 3.3Gz i5-2500 to the mix as well numbers taken on the
Quickstart board with the lib instructed to not use NEON.

With SIMD for intel/arm environment performance is substantially
better in all cases. With NEON off in libjpeg-turbo, performance is at
least equal and in some cases better than libjpeg8.

All that said, what is the next step?


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