[ACTIVITY] MMWG - weekly status report - wk40.2011 (20111003-20111007)

Ilias Biris ilias.biris at linaro.org
Mon Oct 10 21:26:13 UTC 2011

Status report:

Last meeting minutes are included as IRC logs in

 == Highlights ==
- 1110 Blueprints planned. See the status report (link above) for a
complete list. Still some headline/acceptance items are missing due to
holiday period last week for some

- Optimization: Started work on the libpng optimization (see blueprint
listed above)
- Optimization - LJT: ltj synced with upstream, work on the 565 patch,
rework of some upstream discussions on LJT lib startup

- Also on LJT: based on the thread started in -
here are some further points
  + package libjpeg-turbo with v8 compatibility mode enabled: Quoting
from the thread: there is no benefit to v8. v7 added support for the
rarely/never used arithmetic coding option (arithmetic coding mode
defined in the JPEG spec), left out of earlier versions due to patent
issues. v8 only adds some experimental, non-standard coding options even
less relevant to any real-world uses. When *decoding* v8 actually
produces poorer results in some cases due to using dct-based upscaling
of chroma planes (this is also the cause of the slowdown).

  + benchmark on Android platform: blueprint addresses this

  + run tjbench as part of LAVA tests: this is not planned to be covered
during 11.10

- UMM: Added CMA support in rpmsg driver (syslink v3), it can give us
encoders for camera use case

- UMM: Working on dma-buf testing code, using scatterlist and aligning
with dma-buf v3, plus adding CMA support

- Benchmarking on DTS work ongoing - see thread (linaro-multimedia
- Fixed some NEON functions in x264 (mru)

Also continuing to work on the requirements for next quarter -
discussion ongoing in the team taking also feedback from the rest of
Linaro. This list needs to be cleared a bit during the next few days:

and also blueprint

- UMM - split discussed between Jesse Barker and Kurt Taylor. Some of
the MMedia folks will look into UMM work from the userspace point of
view in order to enable the usage of the UMM code on the various
platforms we have.

- Other requirements being looked at (missing though either blueprints
and/or requirements in papyrs at the moment)

   + Audio DTS decoding - could be tricky, involves legal aspects which
need to be carefully looked at, already done in libav?

   + Better video rendering integration in UI, like X11 proposal for
wayland, extended dri2

   + Compressed data sound support (as in
http://www.linuxplumbersconf.org/2011/ocw/proposals/633) - Note that
there's already an API from Intel which people are relatively happy with

   + Realvideo on ARM (popular in China) - needs optimization for 720p
playback, VGA is ok. Blueprint:

   + armv6 optimizations for vp8, and 10-bit h264 optimization, both in
libav - Blueprint:

   + Further enhancements and optimization for LJT - Blueprint:

   + 3D video stream
   + secure streaming (like netflix)
   + audio library optimization
   + Directfb NEON optimization - Blueprint

   + ALSA port of ST-E drivers

   + Audio testing will be handled as part of the more general

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