[REMINDER] Linaro 11.10 release dates and deliveries

David Zinman david.zinman at linaro.org
Tue Oct 18 23:12:10 UTC 2011


This is a mail sent to remind you of the coming release dates:

* Toolchain WG components for 11.10 were released on October 13, 2011.
* Linaro 11.10 components release is October 20nd, 2011.
* Linaro 11.10 RC images is October 24th, 2011.
* Linaro 11.10 release is October 27th, 2011.

The following components are planned to be delivered this month:

* Graphics WG: compiz, compiz-plugins, glcompbench, glmark2, glproxy, nux,
* Kernel WG: linux-linaro
* Landing Teams: linux-linaro-lt-freescale, linux-linaro-android-lt-ti,
 linux-linaro-lt-samsung, linux-linaro-lt-st-ericsson, linux-linaro-lt-ti
* Multimedia WG: libjpeg-turbo, test content, libpng
* Platform Teams: u-boot-linaro, lava-android-test, lava-dashboard,
  lava-dashboard-tool, lava-dispatcher, lava-qatracker, lava-scheduler,
  lava-scheduler-tool, lava-server, lava-test, lava-tool, linaro-django-xmlrpc,
  linaro-image-tools, linaro-python-dashboard-bundle
* Power Management WG: pm-qa, powerdebug, powertop
* Toolchain WG: gcc-linaro 4.5, gcc-linaro 4.6, gdb-linaro, qemu-linaro

The release dates and deliveries information is available from the release
dashboard: http://wiki.linaro.org/Cycles/1110/Release/Dashboard

David Zinman
Linaro Release Manager | Project Manager
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