[PATCH 4/4] pinctrl: Don't copy function name when requesting a pin

Linus Walleij linus.walleij at linaro.org
Thu Oct 20 09:48:56 UTC 2011

On Thu, Oct 20, 2011 at 12:19 AM, Stephen Warren <swarren at nvidia.com> wrote:

> Instead, store a pointer to the currently assigned function.
> This allows us to delete the mux_requested variable from pin_desc; a pin
> is requested if its currently assigned function is non-NULL.
> When a pin is requested as a GPIO rather than a regular function, the
> assigned function name is dynamically constructed. In this case, we have
> to kstrdup() the dynamically constructed name, so that mux_function doesn't
> pointed at stack data. This requires pin_free to be told whether to free
> the mux_function pointer or not.
> This removes the hard-coded maximum function name length.
> Signed-off-by: Stephen Warren <swarren at nvidia.com>

Thanks, applied.
Linus Walleij

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