11.07 oprofile on panda busted?

Turgis, Frederic f-turgis at ti.com
Thu Sep 15 18:02:15 UTC 2011

> Once the interrupt issue is resolved I might suggest sampling cpu-cycles as a workaround to real-time sampling granularity, except that there apparently
> is an issue with reliably getting interrupts from the PMU.  Does anyone know if this is still a problem in the A9 (I've only seen it discussed regarding
> the A8)?  If it's still an issue I think it simply kills using PMU event counters with oprofile.

We just had an intern who experienced the same on A9, it required minimum 3 counters counting same event to get at least 1 interrupt on counter overflow :-( I put in the loop Cyril, who was mentoring him, to confirm but it is probably still in A9 errata list.


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