[CALL FOR TESTING] Linaro 11.09 Release Candidate

Fathi Boudra fathi.boudra at linaro.org
Tue Sep 27 01:30:07 UTC 2011


In preparation for the release of Linaro 11.09 images on 2011-09-29, we have
collected candidate submissions for our Linaro Evaluation Build (LEB),
Developers and Community images.

All primary developement boards supported by Linaro Landing Teams have an
Android LEB candidate image submitted and an Ubuntu LEB hwpack submitted.
Note: Due to the early stage of the enablement, some images might not work.

Based on your feedback, the Release Team will review the quality of those
candidate builds and award builds that deliver a decent user experience with
the "official LEB" badge. Builds not quite ready yet will continue to be
published as Developers and Community builds for the final release until enough
progress has been made.

Note: Your feedback to this call for testing will provide the main source of
data used by the Release Team to determine the user experience and hence is
essential to this process.

Linaro Evaluation Build (LEB)

Please help our initiative by testing this month Linaro Evaluation Build (LEB)
candidates for Android and Ubuntu:

 * i.MX53 Quick Start:
   Android: http://bit.ly/nygm05
   Ubuntu: http://bit.ly/q5GJjc

 * Origen:
   Android: http://bit.ly/pOEGv7
   Ubuntu: http://bit.ly/r4gGsk

 * PandaBoard:
   Android: http://bit.ly/p4jjNH
   Ubuntu: http://bit.ly/nTI5Xj

 * Snowball:
   Android: http://bit.ly/oMBTIH
   Ubuntu: http://bit.ly/pLHwk5

Developers and Community Build

On top of our officially supported Linaro Evaluation Build candidate images
from above, the Linaro Platform Team is proud to also provide additional images
and additional board support bits that were prepared by Linaro developers and
community for a more specific target audience.

Note that the Developers and Community bits are provided on a best-effort basis
and in the hope that they can be useful. We release last reported known to be
working images.

If you are interested in running Nano, ALIP or Developer image _or_ want to try
our LEB on one of the board support packs maintained by our community, please
help and test by following the download and installation instructions included
in the questionaire linked from below your board:

 * BeagleBoard: http://bit.ly/nu9vll

 * BeagleBoard-xM: http://bit.ly/rsBc1Z

 * EFIKA MX: http://bit.ly/qAD5Pe

 * IGEPv2: http://bit.ly/pRTcuB

 * i.MX51 Babbage: http://bit.ly/oOq3yc

 * i.MX53 Quick Start: http://bit.ly/nLrxj0

 * Origen: http://bit.ly/oFH55A

 * Overo: http://bit.ly/oZY3ex

 * PandaBoard: http://bit.ly/pFdcLl

 * Versatile Express: http://bit.ly/n0JpN7


Note: Wonder what to download? Instructions including download URLs are
documented as part of the feedback form reachable through the URLs above.

 * ALIP (Xfce desktop):
 * Developer (text user interface + developer tools):
 * Nano (think small):
 * Ubuntu:
 * Hardware packs:
 * Installation Instructions:

 * Android staging for i.MX53 Quick Start:
 * Android staging for Origen:
 * Android staging for PandaBoard:
 * Android staging for Snowball:
 * Installation Instructions:

Known Issues

 * ARM SMP scheduler performance bug (Ubuntu/PandaBoard)

 * Snowball USB not working (Android/Ubuntu/Snowball)

 * fails to mount system and user partition interminttently (Android/Snowball)

 * Combined V2/V3 Snowball hwpack (20110905) fails with l-m-c (Ubuntu/Snowball)

 * GLK3.0 allows processes to overwrite page frame data (Ubuntu/Snowball)

You can find the complete list of known issues for the 11.09 release at:

When filling new bugs, please check if it's not yet reported. You can use:

Fathi Boudra
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