wiki feedback on new front page

Fathi Boudra fathi.boudra at
Wed Sep 28 20:48:29 UTC 2011


On 28 September 2011 22:59, Andy Doan <andy.doan at> wrote:
> Michael and I were tasked with making the front page of the Linaro wiki
> a little more developer focused and offloading some of the other
> information to the main website,
> We've put together a prototype page and would like to get some feedback
> before making the real switch:

"Downloads and Cycles" should be simplified and splitted:
- "Downloads" information should be offloaded to the main website and
link to
- "Cycles" should keep the introduction text and link to /Cycles subsection
- the 3 tables should be moved under /Cycles
- Use a single column instead of two.
- Add a table of contents?



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