Thermal release for this month.

Andrey Konovalov andrey.konovalov at
Fri Apr 13 21:02:59 UTC 2012


On 04/13/2012 05:52 PM, Amit Kucheria wrote:
> Adding Guodong and Tushar to make sure that the LT trees also have
> thermal management turned on for 12.04.
> And cc'ing linaro-dev and the release manager. :)
> /Amit
> On Fri, Apr 13, 2012 at 4:47 PM, Amit Kachhap<amit.kachhap at>  wrote:
>> Hi Andrey,
>> Please pull the thermal management work for exynos4 and imx6 platforms
>> for this month release.
>> git:// thermal_exynos4_imx6_work
>> since commit id 258f742635360175564e9470eb060ff4d4b984e7

Amit (Kachhap),

First of all, thank you for updating your code in linux-linaro!

1) The thermal_exynos4_imx6_work branch contains two commits on top of 
v3.4-rc2 which aren't related to thermal:
- the "android, lowmemorykiller: remove task handoff notifier". If 
needed this commit should go into the android topic. This commit 
precedes the one I should start pulling from, so I will not include it 
into the linux-linaro.
- commit 258f742635360175564e9470eb060ff4d4b984e7 "modpost: Fix modpost 
license checking of vmlinux.o" looks like an important fix, but the 
thermal topic is wrong place for it. This commit is present in mainline 
tip, so I'll cherry-pick it from there into a proper topic.

2) So the new thermal_exynos4_imx6_work obsoletes the old 
exynos_thermal_framework_V2 topic. You should mention that explicitly 
when asking to add the new one to linux-linaro!
(I am also not very happy with one topic replacing another every month 
vs updating the existing topic. And it looks like your new topic could 
be made from the old one by rebasing onto more recent mainline tree, and 
adding new commits)

I am going to drop your thermal_v2 topic as it is a copy of 
exynos_thermal_framework_V2 plus defconfig update. The former will be 
replaced by the thermal_exynos4_imx6_work topic, and I would add the 
config fragment to this topic to add the required options to 


>> The necessary configs to be enabled are,
>> Thanks,
>> Amit Daniel

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