llct "stable" trees

Andy Green at
Thu Aug 30 10:55:51 UTC 2012

Hi -

We've been getting some good mileage from the llct-based tilt-3.4 
history tree the last months.

However a couple of points have been raised by TI which really boil down 
to being about the deal with llct post-release.  We know that it goes on 
mutating and tracking as it should, but the release-specific version, 
like "linux-linaro-3.4" just sits there afaik.

The points raised were:

1) Can we have linux stable point release content in tilt-3.4?  Rather 
than my doing it, isn't it better to add it to llc-3.4 and merge it on 
the lt history tree periodically?  That way every lt can get them from 
one place.

2) What's the deal with things that were the latest and greatest at that 
time, ie, the best "CMA" or whatever series was in tracking, but after 
it got copied out to be linux-linaro-core-3.4, horrible bugs were fixed 
in linux-linaro-tracking?  What's happening is that TI are sticking with 
these releases for a fair time as the basis for their release to customers.

I can see there's tension between tracking-style fix it for the future, 
and backport to old and crusty things, there's also issue of testing, 
but there must be some cases where this makes some sense.  Again people 
looking after the feature tree for llct are best placed to make those 
calls about, "hm, that looks like it should maybe also go on the last 
couple of llc release trees".

What do you think about this?


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