Participating Remotely at Linaro Connect Q1.12

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Wed Feb 1 10:18:53 UTC 2012

Hi All,


If you're one of the unlucky ones who won't be attending Linaro Connect
Q1.12 next week, you'll be pleased to hear we're enabling remote
participation via Google Hangouts for the 5 morning Session rooms. As
Hangouts allow use of webcams, this will hopefully make it a more
interactive experience for you - for example with webcams located in the
rooms you can see who's in the room and who's talking at any particular time
(and you'll better know who to tell to speak up if they're too quiet J).


We've provided guidelines for remote participation at the bottom of the
Schedule page here:


or directly here:


I'm conscious this is the first time we've used this facility, so do let me
know if the guidelines aren't clear. And then I'll also appreciate your
feedback during the week to help us improve next time.




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