native gdb for Android

Thiago Jung Bauermann thiago.bauermann at
Thu Feb 2 21:00:07 UTC 2012

Hi Barry,

On Thu, 2012-02-02 at 10:23 +0800, Barry Song wrote:
> 2.	Why can’t the current gdb capture multithreads for android
> processes? This question is actually about the theory for gdb to know
> multi-threads. In my opinion, both gnu and android use clone() to fork
> threads and threads in one process have same tgid in kernel and all
> threads return same getpid() value. Why not gdb just travel process
> lists to find multi-threads?

Would you mind opening a bug report at

with this issue? If possible, with a small testcase to reproduce the
problem, and the steps to build the testcase.

To be honest I can only look into this issue late next week though...
Thiago Jung Bauermann
Linaro Toolchain Working Group

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