Efika MX Smartbook + serial dongle needed at Linaro Connect

Marcin Juszkiewicz marcin.juszkiewicz at linaro.org
Fri Feb 3 14:25:34 UTC 2012

W dniu 01.02.2012 14:10, Marcin Juszkiewicz pisze:
> Hi
> Looks like I managed to break serial port on my Efika MX Smartbook
> today. As there are people in Linaro with this device I am asking for help.
> For this I need someone with Efika MX Smartbook and debug board to be
> present at conference. I will take my netbook and dongle so will be able
> to check is it dongle or Efika which broke for me.
> If you have both and have no use for them I can take it from you - will
> have no problems finding someone here wanting to play & hack on Efika ;)

Update: looks like flex cable was faulty - after few reconnections it 
started working again.

I have serial working now YAY! :)

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