[PATCH][V3] ux500 : decouple/recouple gic from the PRCMU

Daniel Lezcano daniel.lezcano at free.fr
Mon Feb 13 21:29:14 UTC 2012

On 02/13/2012 08:43 PM, Linus Walleij wrote:
> On Fri, Feb 10, 2012 at 11:38 AM, Daniel Lezcano
> <daniel.lezcano at linaro.org>  wrote:
>> I think I addressed all the concerns, is it possible to merge this patch ?
> As detailed in another letter: does this build on top of the patch series
> "DB8500 PRCMU update" that was submitted some time ago? Please
> make sure it is either that or orthogonal so they don't collide.

It collides of course :)

What is the status of this patchset ? It is not in Samuel's tree and it 
is one month old with no comments.

Samuel ? Are you planning to take Linus's patchset ? It seems the patch 
I sent will collide with its patchset. The conflicts will be trivial to 
solve but I can respin on top of its patchset if you merge it.

> Second: it's not me merging patches to the MFD subsystem, it's the
> MFD subsystem maintainer Saumel Ortiz.

Oh ok, thanks.

   -- Daniel

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