looking for sources for beagle u-boot/u-boot SPL for 1201 images

Peter Maydell peter.maydell at linaro.org
Tue Feb 21 20:14:56 UTC 2012

Hi. I'm trying to track down the sources that made the U-Boot and
U-Boot SPL for the beagle 1201 release image:
sources.txt says that's this hwpack:
but the manifest.txt there:
only says:

and doesn't say where I should find this version of the package.

I guessed that it might be the u-boot package 2011.06-3ubuntu1 from
oneiric, but that does not seem to contain the SPL code, so I'm
guessing it's the wrong one. (Also U-Boot announces itself as
"U-Boot 2011.12 (Jan 22 2012 - 00:52:03)" so that manifest is
clearly a load of rubbish...)

Can anybody help?

thanks in advance
-- PMM

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