Java jogl and jogamp acceleration

Wookey wookey at
Wed Feb 29 19:43:24 UTC 2012

I'm not sure who needs to know about this - maybe you all do already,
but Xerces Ranby showed me (at FOSDEM) some cool stuff with jogl
giving java stuff access to OPenGL ES hardware acceleration.

His demo on an AC100 sped java games up by a factor of lots so instead
of visibly slow screen redraws you got a useful frame rate of 15fps or
so, turning them from useless to playable.

Blog post here with destructions and links:

Compatibility matrix here shows that it works with Tegra2 in AC100,
and trimslice, SGX540 in panda and SGX530 in N9.

It seems to be a fairly trivial matter of telling openjdk to use jogl
and then 'stuff goes fast'. If we aren't doing this already in our
images we probably should be. 

Just posting so that whoever worries about graphics and java and stuff
knows about this.

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