Do ARM Cortex-A9 PMU supoort oprofile

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Dear Dave and Turgis,

	Thanks for your replying.
	I have run oprofile on OMAP4460, but there are many problems.

	My test env is:
	oprofile version: 0.9.7
	Android ver: ICS
	kernel ver: 3.0
	CPU: 	OMAP4460

	Oprofile ran abnormally after I patched the kernel with a patch from; .
	 # opcontrol --setup

	# opcontrol --vmlinux=/vmlinux --kernel-range 0xc0046000,0xc009a000 --event CPU_CYCLES:25000000
	I analysed the log after send the command "dmesg", found that the PMU interrupt enable control bit has been modified,
	the oprofile can not work in PMU mode.

	But when I patch the kernel with a patch from
	The oprofile can work in hrtimer mode.

	Could you share some suggestions?


>Hi Dave,
>By the way, in, we discussed about oprofile timer mode granularity for platforms, which had the PMU bug that loses PMU interrupts (4430, 4460 and maybe 4470).
>Was this timer granularity proposed/introduced ? Is it in fact part of perf infrastructure (don't know if perf relies directly on oprofile drivers/oprofile infrastructuret) ?
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>> > Sorry disturbing you!
>> >
>> > I have ask google for do ARM Cortex-A9 PMU supoort oprofile, but it do not have a answer definitely
>> .
>> >
>> > So i ask you do ARM Cortex-A9 PMU supoort oprofile.
>> >
>> > Can u help me?
>> In general, yes it does work.  But board support is needed in addition
>> to the CPU PMU support.
>> If you're trying to work on omap4 (panda) you may need some extra
>> patches:
>> For more information on this, take a look at the following thread where
>> this issue was discussed recently:
>> Cheers
>> ---Dave
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