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Vishal Bhoj vishal.bhoj at linaro.org
Sun Mar 4 12:00:30 UTC 2012

Hi Alexander,

On 3 March 2012 05:15, Alexander Spyridakis <
a.spyridakis at virtualopensystems.com> wrote:

> On 29 February 2012 14:25, Vishal Bhoj <vishal.bhoj at linaro.org> wrote:
>> I am starting with fastmodel and getting Android booting on it .I am
>> currently using RTSM_VE for A15 to start with and NFS filesystem. UART is
>> simulated as ttyAMA0 and logs could be captured through it. The plan is to
>> support A9, A15 and A15 + A7 combinations.
> Hello,
> Sorry if I am late to chime in, but Virtual Open Systems has already done
> some work regarding Android on A15 FastModels. You can find a proof of
> concept guide/tutorial on our homepage<http://www.virtualopensystems.com/>
> .
I have looked at your work and tried the images,its good work done by you

> As a base kernel we use the latest kvm-a15-v6 branch<https://github.com/virtualopensystems/linux-kvm-arm>,
> together with the attached Android patch set and kernel configuration.
> Most things seem to work, although performance is far from perfect, as any
> rendering to the framebuffer can slow things to a drag. Also, for the time
> being sound doesn't work and there is no USB for Fast Models (no USB
> storage and some applications depend on it). Booting seems to be working
> for both NFS and MMC (less that 2GB image) but MMC seems to be a bit faster
> in my experience (although NFS is more convenient). Logcat still complains
> about various stuff and I guess that a lot of things could be improved.
Currently I have android booting to console with dmart's
topic branch<http://git.linaro.org/gitweb?p=people/andygreen/kernel-tilt.git;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/linaro-androidization-tracking>.
GUI is crashing since CLCD driver is not working with device tree. I have
also seen that mmc (less than 2 GB image ) performance is much better than
NFS. I could use adb over TCP.

> For the Android userland you should use this set of patches<http://linux-arm.org/git?p=armdroid.git;a=commit;h=58fb51bf42b867b6f3639fbaa74beba114f03fb5>against AOSP.  If not, SystemUI will always nag you with an exception pop
> up and Wallpapers and Gallery won't work. Alternatively you can just run
> "pm disable com.android.systemui" and the nagging pop up will vanish but
> wallpaper rendering still won't work. I've already tried successfully the
> Linaro Android Images for Versatile Express and they are working, but the
> mentioned SystemUI exception still remains.
We have a different patch to get around the missing OpenGLES support. But
the performance while using our
patch<http://review.android.git.linaro.org/#change,1260>and the set of
patches you mentioned could be very different.

If you need further details please let me know.
Sincerely, Alexander Spyridakis.

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