Single zImage and KVM

Michael Hope michael.hope at
Sun Mar 4 22:02:07 UTC 2012

I'd like to have one KVM kernel image which is suitable for the real
hardware host and the virtio based guest.  The single zImage plus
Device Tree work seem like a great way to do this.

We're currently using the vexpress-a15 on a Fast Model as the host and
a vexpress-a15 as the guest.  Device Tree support is required to
describe the virtio-mmio devices.  As a bonus, the vexpress-a9 and
vexpress-a15 are the same hardware with a different memory map and can
help demonstrate the Device Tree support.

What are the plans for single zImage?  Where does the vexpress-a15 fit
in with that?  Could I bump it to the front of the list?

-- Michael

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