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On 2012-02-20, at 1:40 PM, Wookey wrote:

> +++ Fathi Boudra [2012-02-20 09:34 -0800]:
>> Hi
>> On 20 February 2012 08:42, Zach Pfeffer <zach.pfeffer at> wrote:
>>> During ELC a few people asked me if Linaro had something bigger than
>>> nano and smaller than Ubuntu that they could use to build stuff. Of
>>> course I said Android, but a lot of people actually want a regular
>>> Linux platform where they can easily recompile what they need to hack
>>> on, add their own libs and scripts and generally work in an "embedded,
>>> cross build way." 
>> We provide 6 Ubuntu based images that we can consider as profiles.
>> It's easy to customize or build your own image that will better fit
>> your use case or requirements.
>> In our case, we use live-build [1] which allow to put your
>> customization on top of our images [2] or even from scratch.
>> Tom has written a wiki page [3]. The page needs some update (I'm
>> willing to help) to add upcoming armhf images and latest live-build
>> with cross support.
> We should be clear what is meant by 'cross-support' in this context.
> This is cross image-creation, not cross-building. If the
> _cross-building_ part of this is important to punters then we don't
> yet have a very good answer (not everything in the developer image
> will crossbuild directly from the archive yet), although we are
> getting there as multiarch, and sbuild-with-cross-support mature.
> But in general most people who think they want to cross-build
> everything are wrong :-) In fact they really just want to cross-build
> a few things that they build over and over, and getting most of the
> system as binaries is just fine. I'm interested to hear of
> counter-examples (the main one being complier improvements/options
> which one wants to apply across the board). 
> Another thing to note is that if the people asking for 'embedded
> linaro linux' want smaller images we could run our packages through
> the emdebian-grip tools to get smaller packages/images. (typically
> 2/3rds size). I'm not sure anyone has got round to trying this, not
> least because now everyone has SD-card based systems disk space mostly
> stopped being an issue.


> People using 'proper flash' still care. 




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