Single zImage and KVM

Pawel Moll Pawel.Moll at
Wed Mar 7 16:12:02 UTC 2012

Dnia 2012-03-06, wto o godzinie 14:50 +0000, Rob Herring pisze:
> > What are the plans for single zImage?  Where does the vexpress-a15 fit
> > in with that?  Could I bump it to the front of the list?
> DT support for vexp A9 is going into 3.4 I believe. Pawel has been
> working on it and can probably give details on A15 support. A single
> kernel for these 2 platforms (and A7 as well) is much simpler than
> getting to a single zImage in general (i.e. omap plus But we'll
> be a lot closer in 3.4.

Yes - the DT4VE will be (hopefully :-) merged in 3.4, but is already
available in LT kernel and in arm-soc repo. Single zImage can be used to
boot V2P-CA9, V2P-CA5s, V2P-CA15 (this platform is a bit unstable
though, and I haven't tried LPAE configuration yet), FPGA board with A7
setup and RTSM_VE-AEMv7 model. The coretile DTSes are available in
kernel, the rest live in our DTS
repo (there will be more as I get them working on other models).

The current main problem is CLCD driver DT support, or rather lack of
it, but this is the first thing I'll take care of as soon as I can (I'm
out of office this week, so I may replay to emails with substantial



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