TI Landing Team kernel fails to build

Andy Green andy.green at linaro.org
Thu Mar 8 01:44:19 UTC 2012

On 03/07/2012 06:13 PM, Somebody in the thread at some point said:
> Hi there,
> As of last night TILT fails to build for omap4_defconfig.
>> panto at sles11esa:~/ti/kernels/kernel-tilt$ git checkout -b tilt-tracking-work origin/tilt-tracking
>> Branch tilt-tracking-work set up to track remote branch tilt-tracking from origin.
>> Switched to a new branch 'tilt-tracking-work'

Yes it's broken for OMAP4 config at the moment, it does say so at the
table at the top.  We're transitioning to a tree based on OMAP5 stuff,
we had intended to audit it for OMAP4 already but Jassi has gotten
diverted into firefighting something else.

The last old tree for tilt-tracking is at this tag "old-tree-cam", you
should get better results with that until we can normalize the main tree
for OMAP4 again.


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