[PATCH v9] mfd: Add anatop mfd driver

Arnd Bergmann arnd at arndb.de
Thu Mar 15 15:52:54 UTC 2012

On Thursday 15 March 2012, Mark Brown wrote:
> There were some other mutterings about using regmap for memory mapped
> devices, mostly from the point of view of building framework features
> like this on top of it.  regmap currently makes some assumptions that
> the I/O is going to be slow so approximately any amount of CPU time can
> usefully be spent on avoiding I/O but we can probably do something about
> that.  It also uses mutexes to lock I/O which might not be the most
> sensible thing for memory mapped devices, but again that's solveable.
> Right now there's no memory mapping support but there's no reason that
> can't be added.
> In short, it does seem sensible to want to have some support for this
> for devices that use appropriate idioms.

Ok, I see. 

I guess there is no reason to change anything in Paul's patch now, but
we can keep this in mind if we see a lot of similar drivers in the future.



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